• history

«CherMen» rock band is a Belarusian music project. This is a new idea in music, bright and not similar to anything, with its own original expression. Work of the band represents “White Metal” music direction, but in general it can be referred to symphonic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, power
metal. It inspires, opens the borders of spiritual and, despite the heavy classic metal sound, carries a powerful charge of light.


The project was founded in 2014 by the leader and the frontman of the band - Chermen Shokanov.


Group members:

Author of music, guitar – Chermen Shokanov;

Arrangement, keyboards – Anton Kopel;

Arrangement, bass guitar – Sergei Adamovich;

Drums – Aleksandr Baryshnev;

Second guitar – Pavel Thriput;

Sound – Eldar.


The musicians have recorded 3 music albums:

Album «Opus12» (2014)

Album «Star» (2015)

Album «Angel of light» (2016)


Tracks of the band rank top positions in charts of radio stations of Austria, Germany and Poland. Music videos were filmed also on tracks «District 13» and «Inquisitor», both are from  the album «Star». The amount of views on YouTube.com is constantly growing.

June 30, 2016 rock band «CherMen» presented a new and unique product for the Belarusian market, which combines the best tracks from the three albums, specially designed graphics and light show. Sympho - rock show «Story of a Dragon» took place on the best concert arena of Minsk – Prime Hall, founders of music festivals from Russia and Germany, representatives of Austrian, Polish and German radio stations were among invited guests.

Whatever musical preferences of the audience are, the musicians are sure - everyone will find a point of contact with their music, which resonates with hearts of listeners.

On the 5th of December, 2016 rock-band Chermen gave the concert together with the legendary heavy-metal musician Udo Dirkschneider in support to the global project Rock for Sport that took place in the Sport Palace.

In 2017 the band is planning to make the fourth release, to record a new video as well as to take part in some music festivals and finally to keep extensive touring abroad.