Of the 01 July, 2016

An incredible, powerful and vivid perfomance of rock band “Chermen” initiated the beginning of a new media format in music.

Belarusian audience hasn’t seen it before. 13 music tracks represented their own concepts, for each there is a special backstage lighting and a unique graphics. The visualized format, vivid and rich images, a storm of light sound, sophisticated, intriguing prologue and, of course, the main hero Keeper of Legends - a huge dragon. These fundamental things impressed and penetrated from the very outset.

As organisers couldn’t predict the audience reaction to the new perfomance so the musical playground was directed to the people’s personal decision how to relax. It was a completely right option. Some visitors enjoyed watching and sitting in armchairs whereas another got high on the dance floor all the perfomance long. Surprisingly band’s fans were indulged by the encore. It happened soon after ten minutes though the perfomance was planned to be ended by the 13th track “Ocean”.

The audience experienced everything. The international music holiday ranged from historical Scythian fighting, glorious conquerors, lyric ballads and light metal to Scottish folk-metal and empowerful rock. Either the fans of hard music or the Dragon’s stories spectators were captivated by the mixture of extraordinary brutal sound and video show.

Robert Dezmond is a Canadian rock-star and a special guest who played first five compositions opening the perfomance. Robert kept in free touch with the Belarusian audience. He admitted a high technical organization of the perfomance, its scope and idea. Organisers of international festivals in Russia and Germany, Anatoliy Yarmolenko - National artist of Belarus, Victor Babarykin – Artistic Director and the Chief Conducter of the Presidential Orchestra, Evgeniy Bulka – famous Belarusian showman, Alexander Kiss – toply popular young rock-guitarist and lots of other honored guests visited the show with pleasure.

The premiere definitely took its special place! Musicians are satisfied as well as the audience. People who took part in the show creating hope that the Dragon’s story will be watched and heard in Europe and America as well.