Of the 28 July, 2016

- Nice to meet you. I am Alexei Gladkiy and I introduce web site heavyniceday.ru. Please introduce your band members.
Chermen: Bass guitar – Sergei Adamovich, guitar – Pavel Thriput, drums – Michael Pendo, keyboards – Anton Kopel.

- When was the band founded? What affected the choice of musical style?
Chermen: The band appeared two years ago. Our musical style was chosen… We played misic that we actually liked.

- Who gave an idea to name the band?
Chermen: As I put everybody in the band together, so I gave it my own name.

- What rock bands do you consider your guide masters or gurus?
Chermen: AC/DC, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, the Beatles and another progressive music of good guality.

- What is the message that your music represents to people?
Chermen: I wouldn’t say we have a desire to be kind of musical guru. We just do what we like. And if someone shares it, we will be glad.

- What are sources for your musical inspiration?
Chermen: All music bands are differently inspired for song writing. Some people just watch porno films, another read books. Everyone do it in their own way. It happens to us like when you have read a book or watched a film. It impressed you and here is born a piece of music. It is a very complicated process and it is difficult to explain to. So we always say that our music is given by God or the Universe. 
- What music styles except metal do you prefer?

Chermen: Hard-rock, jazz, great jazz.

- What foreign groups or singers would you like to be on stage with?
Chermen: That is difficult to answer. I would like to attend many concerts. 

- What do you advise to the groups and musicians who just start their music ways up?
Chermen: The more you know, read, create around, the richer your inner world is, the more interesting your music will be. 

- Tell us please some words about your artistic plans for future.
Chermen: Today the concert took place. I suppose it was quite successful. The next concert must be larger. We won’t stop because our band is young and ambitiuos. Our dream is to make a concert for hundreds of thousands and to be sold out.

- Have you got any plans for concert tour abroad?
Chermen: There is a desire but there is no opportunity yet.

- Please say a short wish to your fans.
Chermen: Don’t be ever afraid of anything.

- Thank you so much for your interview.

Material is taken from heavyniceday.ru