Of the 19 October, 2016

What connects Rock and Sport? – Stadiums of fans, powerful rock players and incredibly powerful euphoria.

Let “Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll” become the thing of the past. Nowadays more and more famous rock musicians challenge an active and healthy pace of life.
On December, the 5th rock-bands DIRKSCHNEIDER and CHERMEN will give their concert in order to support a new movement “Rock for Sport”.

The rock-band CHERMEN is a Belarusian music project. It is a musical innovation that sounds originally, vivid and differs from others. They represent white metal but actually their music varies from sympho rock, hard rock and progressive rock to power metal. It inspires, discloses spiritual boundaries and brings a powerful energetic stream in spite of the hard classic metal sound. On December the 5th the musicians will bring back sympho-rock show “Dragon’s Story”, well-known among the Belarusian audience for its video content, lazer show and strong visual effects.

DIRKSCHNEIDER represent two-hour sounding of the legendary ACCEPT. All songs that we love, know by heart as the world rock classics.

Everything is easy. DIRKSCHNEIDER currently offer the best performing of ACCEPT. You’ve got an opportunity to enjoy them for the last time exclusively played by ACCEPT founder and original singer accompanied by the superb band. Only top hits are for you! The greatest pieces the ACCEPT classic albums will sound. They are “Breaker” (81), “Restless and Wild” (82), “Balls to the Wall” (83), six songs of notable “Metal Heart” (85) plus the hits of the 80s & 86s.
The project DIRKSCHNEIDER is named in honour of the contender to “Best Concert Project 2016” by Metal Hammer while personally Udo Dirkschneider is nominated to the prestigious award as “Legend”.

Intense timeless guitar riffs, the only inimitable vocals of the metal monster Udo Dirkschneider and, certainly, songs that are entrusted to be classics. That’s all Udo Dirkschneider and his new concert project DIRKSCHNEIDER.

The event will take place supported by the Ministry of Sport and the maintenance is to be donated to the physical culture and the sport development. Famous sportsmen and record-breakers will join the movement. Vadim Devyatovskij, Kirill Shimko and many others are among them.

It’s remarkable that the concert in the Sport Palace will become a starting point of the big festival movement “Rock for Sport”. This summer the fans of rock and sport will finally meet together on the international festival “Rock August” that will take its place on the bank of the Avgustovskij Canal.