Of the 30 March, 2017

Take a chance and watch a new mind-blowing video created by the rock band Chermen.

You’ll not dive into hardcore, scenes of fights, gushing blood or even computer battles. At least not this time. We promise you only positive and lightly pouring sound. Accompanied by bartender-wizard, teleportation of drunken piper and never ending drive born by our musicians.

We are extremely happy to share the premiere video show of the Scottish hit from the third album “Angel of Light”. The composition Scotch took its first position in “Radio Stars” by VIGMA and masterfully wins the leading positions in the west hit charts.

Editor – Anna Hert

Cameramen – Alexander Vavilov, Sergey Novikov.

Aerial cameraman – Kostya Voronovich

Postproduction – Igor Kurbanov, Bohdan Karpov.

Costume designer – Nadezhda Slizhevskaya

Piper - Shymanski Zmicer

We strongly believe you’ll recognize all the band in makeup.