Of the 16 July, 2017

June, 2017 gratified the fans of heavy music with a new album of CherMen rock band. It’s sounding name is APOKALIPSIS. That became a peculiar result of productive work that the musicians performed for the whole year. Let's remind that the previous third Angel of Light album was released in June, 2016.

The sound of group considerably grew heavy if compared to the previous albums. Now it is more than firm brutal sound but the other depth that absorbs you.

For the first time the new drummer Alexander Baryshnev took part in recording of the album. He introduced his own vision and inspirited the rhythm into music. Still all musicians worked on arrangements of compositions, but the name "General Arrangement" is rightfully belonged to the keyboards player Anton Kopel. And it’s the first time when the vocal parts sound as well as the guitars are played different.

The album concept is chosen not incidentally: "The apocalypse is not only a doomsday. It’s the birth of something new" - the frontman of the band Chermen Shokanov comments,"Each track of the album is a mirror for any of us and everyone will recognize the piece of himself in it. It is not the end but the infinity in spite of all the natural fear"

On the occasion of celebration Kazakh Culture Days some tracks of the new album were already presented by the musicians in June, the 17th on Svoboda Square in Minsk.

Another remarkable news for the band and its fans is representing the album in Kaliningrad in one of the oldest Russian rock club Vagonka. The concert will take place in September, the 15th.

In the nearest future the album will be available in all top digital shops.