Of the 15 June, 2016

Vote for the best video! Support our music video for «Inquisitor» track and follow the victory of rock band «CherMen» on EUROPA PLUS TV CHANNEL!

The amount of views of this amazing video on YouTube.com is constantly growing; It is the result of joint work of «CherMen» band and studio of Anna Gert “GERT-PRODUCTION”."The Inquisitor" track from the band's second album "Star" is the sound basis of the video and the plot is so twisted that many of those, who already watched it, thought that it was a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster!

You may vote for the music video by link http://europaplustv.by/konkurs

Director, editor – Anna Gert

Operator – Sergei Novikov

Camera-man, crane shot – Victor Oskirko

Quadrocopter – Konstantin Voronovich

Color correction – Igor Kurbanov


Maxim Korbunov

Alexandra Cherkas

Anton Makarenko

Andrew Tkachev

Alexis Maso Leskayes

Action scenes – Pavel

Costumes – Parfenovich sisters

Stylists – Nadezhda Slizhevskaya, Zhanna Leonova

Sculptor – Valeri Dudko

Graphics – Anton Furs,Varpholomei Kuraga,Alexandr Yanovski

Lighting men,set designers – Ruslan Eremenok,Dmitri Gert,Konstantin Belogrudov

We would like to thank the Club of historical reconstruction "Lucerne" for the support!